Is the weighted blanket popular by hype?

Is the weighted blanket popular by hype?

Why buy a weighted blanket?

How to choose cheap weighted blankets with good material in a wide variety of bed blankets?

When you can’t sleep at night, listen to the soothing pure music and let yourself slowly relax. If this method doesn’t work, you may have sleep problems and it’s time to improve your sleep quality.

Weighing blankets have been used in the treatment of mental illness, such as depression, for quite some time, but it has recently made a splash on Kickstarter’s Facebook page and on self-care Twitter account. The reason for this is that people believe that using a weighted blanket to mimic hugs can reduce anxiety or release stress. The Mageblanket weighted blanket is known for its expensive, but it’s unbelievable that this acclaimed company is selling on Amazon today for an average of $60 trillion.

Every time the night comes, if you can embrace your lover to sleep, it should be a sweet thing. Or for some young single-lived women, it’s a sense of security to fall asleep with a pet in her arms. But not everyone is so lucky, or every night someone is accompanied. The 15-pound weighted blanket provides the same pressure sensation, which is called a deep touch pressure simulation. Because the 15 lb weighted blanket is too heavy, it can reduce limb movement and prevent the nervous system from being overly excited.

For you who are single or sleeping alone, can a weighted blanket for sleep really make you feel better? The feeling may not be immediate, but it has been found that a sense of snuggle associated with a weighted blanket can help you fall asleep by reducing anxiety, depression or insomnia. The reason you can’t sleep may not be because you can’t find the right serenade, but because you can’t calm your brain for a moment.

Cheap Weighted Blankets on Sale

Regularly $129, you can save $60 and test out a Mageblanket weighted blanket for $69. 

Today, cheap weighted blanket seem to be everywhere, and over the past year or so, it has become a must-have gift for Christmas. The secret is that thousands of microbeads are evenly stitched to the blanket, giving it a certain weight (usually between 10 and 25 pounds). Although there is no professional scientific experiment to prove the effect, the increased weight can indeed have a therapeutic effect on some people.

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